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Mission Statement - RP&A was established to assist homebuilders and producers of building components, assemblies, and factory-built units to efficiently and competently provide the best product at the least cost while maintaining the health and safety of the public.

News From Rob Pickett

Wood Surroundings Are Healthy!

WOOD SURROUNDINGS ARE HEALTHY! HERE’S PROOF. For those that have long felt there were health benefits to living and working in spaces that contained wood products on the walls, floors, and/or ceilings, new research proves their point!  A June 2015 report titled Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments found direct links to a patient’s health…

Energy Upgrades for Existing Log Homes

See this article and more posted at http://loghomes.org/energy-upgrades-for-existing-log-homes/ Download the PDF file .

Oversight and Inspection

Granite State Builder, Summer 2015 Download the PDF file .