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News From Rob Pickett

Revisiting Clay-Based Construction Materials

I came across this article by Damon Embling, on Europe’s construction industry cutting carbon emissions and energy consumption by revisiting clay-based construction materials. It was too good not to share: The concept of building with bio materials is nothing new – mud and grass has been used in some countries for centuries. “Thirty percent of…


This is an interesting article by Eric Werling, Building America Program Coordinator Builders today are under tremendous pressure. They have to build the tightest, most insulated buildings of all time that are structurally sound; free of defects, fire hazards, mold, and moisture problems; AND are both cheaper and faster to construct than ever before. We can…

Water Efficiency and Innovation

I recently came across an article that brought me upon NexusHaus. The article focused on the water-saving element of their submission to the DOE Solar Decathlon. They came in 4th overall, but I found the solution for water efficiency in an arid region exceptional. Not all areas of our country need to collect water in…

Using more wood for construction can slash global reliance on fossil fuels

Using more wood for construction can slash global reliance on fossil fuels By Kevin Dennehy for YaleNews A Yale University-led study has found that using more wood and less steel and concrete in building and bridge construction would substantially reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Read the full article